New website of “Rage of Mages 2” server

Screenshot from server’s opening in 2019

August 24, 2019 I created my server of the legendary RPG – “Rage of Mages 2”, which in 4 years went through 4 seasons, each of which was dramatically different from the previous one in gameplay. Server  during this time has grown, strengthened, received recognition and its own unique atmosphere.

The server site all these four years was on my blog at

And now it’s time to finally create the server its own little house in the network 🙂 Now the server will live at a fancy address

Now I’m filling the site, later I will finally add auto-registration and other stuff. Thank you for being with us!

Rage of Mages 2: season 4 (winter 2021 – august 2022)

Season 4 on my RoM 2 server is coming to an end. It was an interesting adventure with a lot of new ideas. Soon there will be a wipe and a new set-up that you haven’t tried yet 🙂 Results of past seasons:

Season 4 features:

Items from tavern
Stats 15-15-15-1.. next max stats at #9:
warriror: 55 52 76 76
amazon: 52 76 52 52
mage: 54 76 62 62
witch: 52 76 52 62
Inventory drop: 30%

Special awards:

First killed Dragon 3: Тасадар

The victorious dragons of Strazarion and Driraza (video):
Дефне, Кобик, Ксама, Хока

First completed Т0 (video): Дефне, Хока

First got Body to 52: Зубочистка

Top players:

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