Rage of Mages 2: season 6 update

July 9, 2023
  • The criteria for entering different levels of difficulty have been changed. See the “Brackets” section of the guide: https://rom2.ru/en/brackets/ In the same table, you can see the chance of getting equipped items/inventory (for server 7+ the chance is reduced);
  • On server #2 you can increase parameters up to 15 15 15 15, see the Elixirs table: https://rom2.ru/en/potions/
  • The maximum damage in PvP has been reduced;
  • A minimum speed (12) has been added on #3. If you have more than 12 speed, it will not affect your character.
  • Download and account pages on the website have been updated;
  • The character’s class is now displayed in the ladder: https://rom2.ru/en/ladder/
  • Maximum resistance values for;

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Program “Friends of Hat”

July 1, 2023

As part of the new “Friends of Hat” program, I am delighted to introduce a range of additional bonuses for everyone who supports heta through donations on the https://boosty.to/igroglaz platform. With each level of support, you get the following privileges:

  • The ability to automatically create a character with a starting main skill of 20 and a secondary skill of 10. This is particularly useful for players in Hardcore mode, where death means grinding your new character in AFK mode for a few hours on squirrels to get the basic skill. Now, all you need to do is level up any of your characters to a main skill of 20 and a secondary skill of 10 without dying (they must remain on your account without any deaths) – and you can use this feature in your cabinet https://rom2.ru/wp-admin/profile.php
  • The ability to reset experience to the level of your choice. This can come in handy when you over-leveled your characters.
  • The ability to change your character’s avatar to any of the available ones in this list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1DsGO7fTIiUnhtJYeK7107fQ1BBd0pMPzRu2GTLIg8L4
    Please note that all current avatars have been reset to standard.
  • The ability to rename your characters.
  • The ability to include numbers from 0 to 9 in your nickname when renaming.
  • …and more stuff!

I would like to emphasize that my goal is to protect server from P2W, real money trading, and other such unpleasantness. Therefore, Continue reading “Program “Friends of Hat””

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Review for Season 6 (by Arreat139)

June 14, 2023

Let me tell you right away – the review is pure imho from a man who didn’t go neither this season nor last season beyond server #3 (which is now #4), but in played Allods 2 for a very long time and who in 2021 reached on this hat the Horror difficulty.

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Turtle Beach

June 12, 2023
  • Fixed an issue with stats
  • Now the ability to enter this or that difficulty is determined by the parameter Dexterity
  • Added a rare store in Turtle Beach with expensive books.
  • Two-handed sword now gives a bonus to defense.
  • Fountains have been removed from maps (vulnerability)
  • Increased SC (stone curse) on players’ weapons and weakened on monsters
  • and many other hidden upgrades that players will have to discover for themselves 🙂

Server #2:

  • A special store has been added: iron weapons are sold there. You can find it on the map Road to Plagat. Prices in this store tricky. For example, the price of the Iron Sword is listed as 600 gold, but in fact it’s 60,000.
  • In the bosses on the added potions from the server 3
  • Skeletons on low level maps are more resistant to fire
  • Fixed paired groups, such as the ghost2-snake group
  • decreased max damage of goblin spearman
  • added magic books up to 750k

Book prices on all servers:

  • Fire Arrow: 150k -> 25k
  • Stone Arrow: 750k -> 150k
  • Lightning: 25k -> 750k

Hint of the day: if you’re stuck with 0 life, press u to apply yourself a damage

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Season 6 start

June 10, 2023

Season started! Welcome to the new age of Rages of Mages 2! Note that your character starts with parameters 1 1 1 1 without items and money.

  1. The first money can be obtained by luring monsters to the store, where there is a guard. You may have come across the concept of “Last Hit” in MOBA games. Try to finish off the enemy before the guard does – and then you get a “reward for the head” monster.
  2. The shopkeeper is able to shoot enemies from his windows (at short range) – use this against especially strong enemies.
  3. If you are warrior – you can buy 1st weapon in the shop.
  4. The mage starts with 2 mana. This is enough for 1 cast of magic arrow (or 2 casts of lightning, it’s cheaper). Since magic always hits, it’s especially easy for mages to do Last Hit. To increase the mana – buy a potion for 150 gold (they increase the strength and spirit)
  5. Be sure to check out the brackets table. Be careful not to “overpower” parameters, otherwise you will have to play on a higher map, when you may not be quite ready for that Good luck!
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Entering servers

June 9, 2023

Now you can enter the server only having a minimally Reaction on the previous difficulty. More details in table.

This implements the principle of fair-play on all maps and makes it possible to play a character on the same difficulty for long time, becoming there a top hero. In the future, special ladders will be added for each difficulty level.

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Season 5.5

June 9, 2023

All people who participated in the test of new season and appear in ladder will be able to get unique in-game avatar for next season (before   12.06.2023). List of lucky folk:

# Nickname Rating Stats Hunted Exp Gold Deaths
1 Desintegra 164 160 1411 10381189 7384182 65
2 aquamage 163 160 1170 6227005 18540898 51
3 Witch 121 120 926 68419 19100 193
4 Dasha 85 84 582 97463 25407 27
5 Warrior 83 80 1774 301063 203901 53
6 SUD 82 80 1474 213878 169533 138
7 Tormozigor 81 80 906 57920 238293 65
8 Angela 81 80 809 56041 95226 28
9 waka 80 80 332 32129 2691006 6
10 MageF 80 80 112 117007 5338 39
11 Compo 48 45 1626 159950 333398 3
12 Arreat 46 45 963 20254 137296 0

color – means hardcore mode

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New season soon

June 6, 2023

Hardcode season came to the end (see Ladder of season 5).

And new season soon starts! Please note that we have a lot of changes, check table: https://rom2.ru/en/potions/

Also now we have 8% chance of drop equipped items; and 66% chance of dropping inventory items (eg if you have 100 scrolls of fire arrow and 25 scrolls of healing – in most cases you will drop 66 scrolls of fire arrow and 16 scrolls of healing – which means that drop probability calculated at each particular item separately).

Download client: https://github.com/igroglaz/a2/archive/main.zip

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New website of “Rage of Mages 2” server

May 4, 2023
Screenshot from server’s opening in 2019

August 24, 2019 I created my server of the legendary RPG – “Rage of Mages 2”, which in 4 years went through 4 seasons, each of which was dramatically different from the previous one in gameplay. Server  during this time has grown, strengthened, received recognition and its own unique atmosphere.

The server site all these four years was on my blog at tangar.info/en/rom2

And now it’s time to finally create the server its own little house in the network 🙂 Now the server will live at a fancy address rom2.ru

Now I’m filling the site, later I will finally add auto-registration and other stuff. Thank you for being with us!

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Rage of Mages 2: season 4 (winter 2021 – august 2022)

August 12, 2022

Season 4 on my RoM 2 server is coming to an end. It was an interesting adventure with a lot of new ideas. Soon there will be a wipe and a new set-up that you haven’t tried yet 🙂 Results of past seasons: https://rom2.ru/en/ladder/

Season 4 features:

Items from tavern
Stats 15-15-15-1.. next max stats at #9:
warriror: 55 52 76 76
amazon: 52 76 52 52
mage: 54 76 62 62
witch: 52 76 52 62
Inventory drop: 30%

Special awards:

First killed Dragon 3: Тасадар

The victorious dragons of Strazarion and Driraza (video):
Дефне, Кобик, Ксама, Хока

First completed Т0 (video): Дефне, Хока

First got Body to 52: Зубочистка

Top players:

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