Starting with server #7, you can use healing potions for 150 gold. They restore 1 HP each, so you have to drink a lot of them at once. Buy a few hundred, assign a hotkey to them, and hold the key down – that way you regenerate a lot of health quickly.

Starting with #8 server you play on “quest” level maps. They are so called because there are monsters who drop “quest” items with unusual characteristics. These items cannot be improved, and their base value is 1 gold.

Quests maps are designed specifically to offer the player to solve a non-trivial problem and get an exceptional reward if successful, which can not be obtained otherwise. On such maps, in addition to level 5 monsters, the mechanics used are also dangerous. Some monsters can be invisible and invisibility will fall from them only after they hit you. Therefore it is not unreasonable to be accustomed from the very beginning to check the seemingly safe paths and paths with summoned animals, or spells, hitting the area. The same goes for various “mystery” areas, objects, and islands. They can contain traps of varying levels of deadliness. Up to teleporting into the center of a group of strong monsters, which means 100% death. Caution and attentiveness are the best qualities of an adventurer.

Many monsters have resistance to a certain type of weapon and/or magic. For example, zombies are almost immune to water and have resistance to axes. Shamans, on the other hand, have 90% resistance to all weapons, but they don’t have such resistance to magic (that’s why the warrior hits them with his fist, literally). Skeletons have resistance to clubs and fire. Dragons have resistance to earth and water, and to all weapons except bows. Usually level 5 creatures have slightly higher resistance than the corresponding level 4 creatures.

The only thing I want to say about endgame spells is that a spirit raised by Rebirth will have 50% of the health of the monster killed. Every time someone reads this, the server logs register that all the lone level 5 ogres and trolls are hiccuping. What’s that about?

Double cast mechanic

Doublecasting is using spells at equal intervals to reduce cast time; simply put, by learning this trick you will be able to cast spells twice faster. Doublecast is possible for all spells – teleport, curse, blessing, magic shield, resistance to elements, stone wall and others.  Here’s how you can learn it:

  • First, with the “teleport” spell, try to move continuously along 1 line, trying to teleport without pausing.
  • When you have mastered this, learn how to make a doublecast by changing the direction of the teleport; here you will need to take into account the speed of the character’s turn. At first change it slightly, gradually increasing the angle of direction and finally you will be master of doublecast!


  • It’s worth keeping in mind the important features of different weapons. For example, the warrior’s spear has the fastest animation, which allows you to read spell scrolls much faster.
  • Use regeneration potions. By drinking regen potion, your character regenerates life faster (within a minute). If you press the L button at the same time, lives are regenerated even faster.
  • All quests maps are possible to defeat solo. It’s proved. Though it require very high skill of playing RoM2.