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Rage of Mages 2 (also known as Allods 2) – legendary online RPG. Our RoM2 server (hat) goal is recreating cozy atmosphere of the original Nival servers from 1999 and improving the gameplay that will allow you to enjoy the game and character progress for many months.

RoM2 server features:

  • New unique RPG-progress system: you improve your character with special potions which are unique for each difficulty tier;
  • Each difficulty tier balanced separately. Equipment, spells, scrolls, monsters, etc – on each server could act differently;
  • Items removed from stores (except books, scrolls and healing ointments); equipment must be obtained from monsters or quests in taverns;
  • Probability of equipped items drop after character death is 8% (for items from inventory – 70%);
  • New classes. The witch got more resistances than mage; amazon is more resistant to water and air, but less to fire and astral (look the table);
  • The maximum level of each skill is 110. In addition to the leveling fan, this makes permadeath are not so tough, because you can quickly pump in the main skill without fear of overgrowth (see the next paragraph) and return to the end-game content;
  • The rebalance of loss of experience at death is 3% easy, 5-7% medium, 10% hard, 5% horror, 1% quest;
  • The restriction on entry to maps of low difficulty is disabled. For example, you can enter a character with skill 110 on the map lvl “easy”; skill overgrowth is no longer a problem;
  • Potions which restores health now restore 1HP per potion (and works starting with server #7), but also become much cheaper (so you should drink a lot of them in need by pressing hotkey);
  • Healing and haste spells now can be casted only when you stay in a very close range (to prevent cheezing);
  • Rebalance of gameplay progress: mage – “glass cannon” with AoE; warrior – tenacious focus-damage with very expensive scrolls;
  • New balance without ridiculous body parameter items; at the same time  items obtained at “quest” maps are not imba and are quite competitive in PvP with store-fullset;
  • Spells rebalance. The player’s progress in terms of spells and scrolls is completely changed: implemented gradual vertical progress of the mage’s leveling – each spell is a kind of step similar to the steps of a warrior (steel-mithril-adamant-meteorite-crystal);
  • Armor weight rebalance – light armor does not overburden your character; while heavy makes the character noticeably less mobile (see table);
  • All monsters rebalanced. For example, trolls and ogres are immune to shooting and astral;
  • Removed delivery quests in taverns (stat potions are accessible only from shops or end-game tasks, not by mail-quests in tavern);
  • Two-handed weapons become much more powerful;
  • Some spells have changed parameters; for example, lightning now deals a wider range of damage, and fire always burns about the same;
  • Your character starts the game naked; the mage initially does not even have a magical shield, it must be bought;
  • Multi-accounts forbidden. Registration to the hat goes with the verification of the account through the gmail account; this makes possible to ensure that violators of the rules are not able to easily create multiple accounts;
  • New difficulty levels; there are ten main servers (+ additional quests) on the hat; one for each difficulty (to concentrate the community) and numerous of quest maps; explanation for beginners: at each difficulty level there are several different maps that change periodically;
  • Mainly vanilla (1999 year!) maps are on the hat. In total, there are about two dozen maps in rotation – the vast majority of them are classic multiplayer maps ”from the original RoM2 CD”;
  • All maps have been revamped; bugs, vulnerabilities, dishonest spots are closed on them (for example, gaps which allowed to beat trolls and ogres from inaccessible places are closed). Added new areas, monsters and terrain elements. For the “easy” maps the priority is placed on small-sized maps (so as not to “smear” the population of beginners in large spaces);
  • For quests in taverns there is many rewards (money, objects etc), but no experience; this makes game progress more balanced and close to the original singleplayer balance RoM2;
  • For the server patched to fix bugs, vision and so on;
  • All shops refresh immediately, amount of items increased there. Nothing essentially changes, except that it takes less time to sit in this store.
  • Constant rebalance of the game (click to expand)

    Explain the concept – if something is too popular, then the players (they are always smart and choose what is best) – find it more attractive and it needs to be nerfed. Thus, there must be an eternal, never-ending rebalance of the game – here the warrior is corrected, here the mage, there are mobs, there are objects, there are spells and so on to infinity. Try to look at the game not as a player who seeks profit, but as a person who wants to make the game better and more interesting. For example, in terms of monsters – the sense of rebalance is that there is no giant gap between the mobs. So that the player had the task to choose where to go. The more alternatives – the better. When the gameplay comes down to farming one type of creature, this requires rebalance. Before dragons were killed only with scrolls of hail. It is not right. There must be diversity, so now they have a high resistance to it. Everything that is introduced is negotiable. Test and make suggestions in discord;

  • “Raid” end-game content (click to expand)

    On quest-maps of Hat is always there are places, which is almost impossible to clean (well, that is, you need at least 5 skill players). There is a very rare treasure. A place like this on a hat is such a smaaaaall nut that no one has yet been able to crack. Well, if you suddenly clean it the same way – another nut will be added, even more tough and interesting. In essence, this system is similar to WoW raids – so that there is always end game content that no one has reached; it brings purpose to the game;

  • Fair play – a special system of rules; all are equal on the hat, no ”gifts’, no cheating; and there is no pay-2-win: for donate you can’t get anything in the game.

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Before starting the game, we highly recommend that you look at the Guides (on the menu to the right), where there is a table with stat increasing potions. Without this information, it will be extremely difficult for you to understand the stat progress system in order to avoid mistakes with increasing the character’s parameters with potions.