Some monstrous races, such as ogres, goblins, orcs and trolls, bear distant resemblance to humans. They have dwelled in the lands of Uimoir since time began. Common legend holds that once they had magnificent kingdoms that have long since faded away, leaving no traces behind. The only creatures who managed to preserve some order were the orcs. They dwell in large territories where they have established laws of their own. Ogres, goblins and trolls have some intelligence, although limited (from the human point of view). They are not always aggressive and can be negotiated with. They use weapons in battle, form organized groups and may even have leaders. The last statement refers mainly to orcs and goblins.

Ogres and trolls prefer solitude, although occasional packs consisting of three or four members can also be found.

Orcs: One of the best developed races among man’s foes. Before the world was split into pieces, they migrated from place to place, living on raids. The catastrophe made them change their ways, and the remaining tribes settled down. However, they still raid human settlements rather than producing anything on their own. Orcs prefer hot climates and dwell in deserts or dry savanna. They are dangerous enemies, as they possess great might and stamina. Orc warriors are skilled in fighting with bows and scimitars. Orc shamans fight with magic. However, they are generally too slow to have substantial magic abilities, so orc Mages are rare and highly honored among their kin.

Goblins: A weak race allied with the orcs, Goblins have the wonderful ability to reproduce under unfavorable conditions. They lead miserable, beastly lives that last only about 20 years, and they prefer to keep close to orc settlements. They might win occasional battles due to their numbers, rather then their strength. Newcomers move too swiftly towards the field of battle for their enemy to cope with them all. Goblins use pikes and slings for weapons. Fortunately, they possess no magic abilities whatsoever.


Ogres: These giants possess great might but little brains, although rare species might be capable of talking. Ogres can be found everywhere provided they have sufficient food supplies. They are mostly solitary, although some prefer to live as a family. They fight with awesome clubs and can slay a poorly protected human with one tremendous blow. Another typical feature is their unnatural love for gold. They rob their victims and carry gold and valuables to their lairs.


Trolls: They look more like animals than an intelligent monstrous race. They build no homes and wield no weapons, relying exclusively on their tremendous physical power when in battle. They dwell in mountains and foothills, although some hermits can be found in deserts. They are also given to carrying gold and other belongings of their vitims with them. Having lived a sufficiently long life, trolls are capable of developing their wits and might even learn human language.


Succubus: The origins if these mysterious creatures are vague. Some scientists believe them to be the last remnants of the ancient population of the world, driven away from their dens by the catastrophe. Others consider them to be the result of nasty experiments. Succubus resemble winged women in appearance and are known to be vile and tricky creatures capable of executing limited magical powers. This ability renders them rather dangerous.



The corpses of slain people and their spirits can be turned into the undead via magic. Being entirely the product of magic, they fully obey the orders of their creator.

Spirit: The spirits of dead creatures can be retained in this world by means of a powerful spell. Spirits can fly over water and mountains. Their speed, however, is less than nearly all other monstrous creatures. The amount of strength and hit points possessed by such spirits depends on the corresponding attributes of the deceased creatures from which they were created.



Zombie: A dead body can be partly returned to life to exist as a zombie. A common zombie is not capable of thinking, but he proves to be a useful tool as he never disobeys orders and retains all fighting skills. The most potent Mages can produce thinking and talking zombies. But even these species can never assume the appearance of a living man.



Skeleton: This is another undead creature created from a corpse. Skeletons possess no intelligence of their own, but are capable of executing orders and wielding weapons. Some Mages can create Skeleton Mages, which use battle magic per their masters’ wishes. They move swiftly due to their light weight.


Beasts fight with their natural weapon of claws, fangs and stingers. They are not organized, but are very aggressive. In the areas of astral magic concentrations, some beasts can change their size and habits.

Bees: Giant bee hives can be found everywhere. No armor can protect the human body from their poisonous stings.





Squirrels: These beasts dwell in woodlands. They keep together in large packs and move very swiftly





Bone Snakes: Bone snakes can grow to the size of a man, and their jaws are studded with sharp teeth. However, they can hardly be viewed as deadly enemies. A man can easily flee them, as they move rather slowly.




Bats: These are perilous creatures, especially when neither a bow nor magic is at hand. Their weapon is a high-pitched sound, which penetrates any armor just as well as the stings of the giant bees. They can be found anywhere, and they attack both in groups or alone.



Turtles: Despite their low speed, these carnivorous reptiles are dangerous enemies because they are well protected by their shells. They usually dwell by the water.




Wolves: Wolves of Yases are colored differently, but this has no special influence on their behavior. They still dwell in woodlands, attack in packs and frequently prey on domestic animals.




Giant spiders: These insects dwell mostly in deserts. They are very swift and poisonous.





Lizards: Lizards are huge and very dangerous as their scales protect them from weapon attacks. They move very fast and live in packs.






Dragons are very specific creatures. They are by all accounts intelligent, although completely impossible to predict or understand. Some dragons feel friendly toward humans, but most are vicious and extremely tricky. Dragons have a superb natural magical ability, and they wield it with great skill. They prefer to dwell in mountain caves.

Similar types of dragons differ dramatically in strength, dexterity and wit. The most powerful ones can cast magic spells. The stronger beasts differ from the weaker ones in their skin or scale color.


If you feel that the enemy force might be superior to your own, you can hire mercenaries to aid you. Mercenary attributes are prearranged. As you proceed with the game, new mercenaries will be at your disposal, while the attributes, weapons and armor of your familiar ones will alter between quests (never during a quest).

Mercenaries accompany you during one mission. You must rearrange your agreement with them before each additional mission.

You can hire mercenaries in a town Inn. Each town offers unique mercenaries. For example, you will never encounter a Druid in the capital, and a Mage will never be allowed to enter the Druid Inn.

You should keep in mind that mercenaries are free to turn down your suggestion. Some of them will very likely have weighty reasons to refuse.


Unlike heroes and mercenaries, NPCs are out of the player’s control. However, they should not necessarily be considered enemies. Moreover, you can fail your mission instantly by slaying certain NPCs.

Some NPCs may also assist you with valuable information or by handing over a valuable artifact. Others can plead for help… In any case, their company should not be neglected or ignored.

The interactions and relationships between fellow NPCs should also be taken into account. Perhaps some groups just do not get along, and your character may benefit from that fact!