Rage of Mages 2: season 6 update

July 9, 2023
  • The criteria for entering different levels of difficulty have been changed. See the “Brackets” section of the guide: https://rom2.ru/en/brackets/ In the same table, you can see the chance of getting equipped items/inventory (for server 7+ the chance is reduced);
  • On server #2 you can increase parameters up to 15 15 15 15, see the Elixirs table: https://rom2.ru/en/potions/
  • The maximum damage in PvP has been reduced;
  • A minimum speed (12) has been added on #3. If you have more than 12 speed, it will not affect your character.
  • Download and account pages on the website have been updated;
  • The character’s class is now displayed in the ladder: https://rom2.ru/en/ladder/
  • Maximum resistance values for;

  • For mages on #2-#5, the maximum resistances have been significantly increased and endgame maximum resistances have been changed: https://rom2.ru/en/resistances/


  • Full rebalance of maps #3-4. Also started work on debugging #5.
  • Added a multitude of new and more valuable quests on #3-4-5 servers. Most quests can be completed once per map, giving players an incentive to explore rather than staying in one place
  • #4 WSDesert map: teleports between cities have been added;
  • All shops now have bronze weapons, including a wooden bow;
  • Low level flying units – bats, succubuses, dragons – experience have been removed to remove them from tavern rewards;
  • The duration of some maps has been changed;
  • Most squirrels, snakes, and turtles have been made the exact level as the rest of the map;
  • #8+ map optimization to combat crashes. Removed triggers, traps, extra mobs, and objects;
  • The “Road to Plagat” map has been reworked (ghosts and orc shaman in the SE);
  • A tavern has appeared on DarkLands;
  • The maximum reward from the tavern #9: 12,000,000;


  • #3-5: A large number of monsters have been simplified, especially trolls, ogres, and demons (experience has also been increased on them) to compensate for the low amount of strength compared to the vanilla version;
  • #2-5 rewards from bosses have been improved; the bosses themselves have been rebalanced. In particular, potions drop from bosses on 3-4-5 that are needed to increase parameters. For example, bosses on #5 now have rare potions of strength, agility, mind, spirit (which are needed on #6);
  • Longbow, gloves, and boots are now rare drops on #2;
  • Weak bosses on #3-4 have become stronger (entourage);
  • Demons 4-5 and Zombies 4-5 now use Slowdown instead of Stone Curse.
  • #10 spider’s fire resistance has been reduced;
  • #3 the necro-girl hits with fire, not lightning;
  • #3-4: the dragon hits with fire, not an ice arrow, and doesn’t use vampirism;
  • #4 rebalance of 3rd level monsters (raptors, undead, etc);
  • The Demon is immune to water;
  • Harpy resistances have been changed (they fear air, are not afraid of water and earth)…;
  • …at the same time Harpy5 and mice5 are vulnerable to water;


  • Bottle healing has been removed on all servers up to #6;
  • Potions for 150g now restore 1 mana on servers #1-6;
  • Regen bottles have been added (they didn’t work at the beginning of the season);
  • Penalties for weight and bonuses on materials (steel, mithril, adamant…) have been removed on servers #2-6;
  • The weight of items has been greatly reduced (as initially it was balanced by developers for strength 40+, while we have 20 strength on #3, 30 on #4, etc);
  • The possibility of getting items with a high speed value on low tier maps has been removed. On most equipment items, the chance to get items with speed only appears on #6 (boots, rings, and amulets remain on #2-#5). Maximum speed on 1 item:
    #2-3: 1
    #4: 2
    #5: 3
    #6: 4
    #7: 5
    #8+: 6

New potions have been added:
#3: A potion for 100,000 adds strength, mind, spirit
#4: A potion for 1,000,000 adds strength, mind, spirit
#5: A potion for 100,000,000 adds strength, mind, spirit
With these potions (even though they are much more expensive than usual for this difficulty), you will be able to “even out” character parameters to, for example, 20 19 20 20 (instead of 19 19 19 19), if you plan to stay at a certain difficulty for a longer time. Some players even make separate characters for each difficulty level and these potions will come in very handy for them.


From the very beginning of the game, mages now have access to the “Call” spell, which allows them to summon animals to aid them. It costs 3,000 (used to cost several million), requires 25 mana at #2, 50 mana at #3, etc.

The summoned mage’s pets have become much stronger with their summoning level. For example, a level 1 squirrel has 20 hp, level 4 – 60. Pets differ in hp, damage, defense, armor, etc.

  • turtles have become very resilient and protected
  • bony snakes (centipedes) have gained a huge magic resistance
  • squirrels are perfect scouts with a huge sight range

Advice: If you need a specific monster for summoning – kill the previous one (press ‘a’ and hover over it), it won’t harm you.
In addition, the spells of protection from fire, water, and air are now much cheaper, which allows mages to hunt bosses at lower tiers of servers.

The prices for magical books have changed. Was->Became:
Earth Arrow 250,000 -> 500
Vampirism 100,000 -> 1,000
Fire Arrow 25,000 -> 5,000
Acceleration 2,500,000 -> 30,000
Blessing 50,000
Protection from Fire 200,000 -> 100,000
Lightning 750,000 -> 150,000
Protection from Water 500,000 -> 200,000
Protection from Lightning 750,000 -> 250,000
Rainbow Lightning 5,000,000 -> 250,000
Ice Arrow 250,000 -> 1,000,000

Prices for scrolls (ordinary) have been reduced:
Protection from Elements 3,000 > 1000
Magic Armor 20,000 -> 10,000
Curse 5,000 -> 300

Elvish scrolls of protection from elements provide the same protection at all levels of difficulty.

Mana Costs
#2 Vampirism: 20 -> 5 mana
#6 Call: 250

Spell Changes

  • The “Slowing” spell is more powerful, but with a shorter duration
  • #2-5 Increased duration of Shield spell
  • #8-10 Healing is cheaper in terms of mana
  • Increased mana costs on #8-10 (use the new mana regeneration potions to compensate for this; also increase Spirit on quest maps #7)
  • Increased range of the Healing spell
  • #6: The Healing spell heals stronger
  • Healing costs slightly more mana at #2-5
  • Stone Wall duration has been increased


  • Fixed an ancient minimum speed bug (to enhance Slowing)
  • Fixed a bug where the character, when dying at #2, dropped experience to 0 and was stuck in “limbo” (could not enter either #1 or #2)
  • fixed server descriptions in the game
  • fixed some places on maps that caused crashes in the map editor (remember to launch it when the browser and any other programs are closed)

To reduce the likelihood of server crashes:

  1. the duration of the “Hailstorm” spell has been reduced (while damage has been increased)
  2. Maximum values for fire and water skills of enemies have been significantly reduced. As a result, starting from #7, the maximum resistances of characters have been significantly reduced
  3. The Acid Attack spell has been removed from the game (it causes glitches and crashes). Turtles now use Vampirism
  4. Hailstorm is now once again a Water spell (to balance the stone curse)
  • Server restart has been added, which takes place every night at 4:00 AM (Moscow time). It is not recommended to join servers immediately after server startup – it’s better to wait for a while in case your character is still on the server and has not been saved in the DB. Always wait for some time after the restart if you do not want to lose items or progress.
  • From now on, only lowercase logins are allowed during registration (i.e., NOT uppercase aka lowercase letters). existing logins have also been changed to lowercase

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