Known bugs

  • Quests in taverns do not give experience (but do give money and items) – this is not a bug, but a feature. Experience is gained only in battle.
  • If you are a mage and have learned a spell, it is highly discouraged to use scrolls of the same spell – this can lead to the loss of items.
  • If your client crashes on Horror maps when there is a lot of magic around – give it more CPU (eg change process priority)
  • If an inn or a shop suddenly disappears (e.g, on a map called “Red Hat”):
    ESC → “Quit mission” → “Exit to main menu”; and then enter the game again
  • If a monster disappears (it’s normal to happen on quest maps only) – reenter the game in the same way as described above
  • Sometimes a glitch occurs –after camping or exiting a game though a Town Hall, you’re trying to connect, but a prompt pops up: “Your character is still in the game” and suggests you to get back into the game; you’ve got to click “No” and reconnect; if you agreed on getting back in the game – you character might become unavailable for n-minutes (this glitch is affecting only a proper game exiting; if a game client crashes then it’s safe to get back into the game as per normal).
  • If your map editor glitches when opening and switching to full screen mode (or expanding) for some of the game maps– close all the other applications (including your web browser).
  • Also, so that the map editor does not crash on Windows 10, in the properties of the shortcut, put: screenshot
  • “The bridge is gone, I stay on the water”. Known glitch. The bridge is there, you just can’t see it. Try re-entering the game if this bothers you.
  • There is a problem of the disappearance of items from player’s inventory, which is associated with the fact that the player, for example, drink healing potions by pushing and holding a hotkey while at the same time manipulating equipment (change one weapon for another, for example). Or if player uses spells (scrolls) too quickly and also at that moment performs equipment manipulations. Be careful while doing several actions with objects at the same tie. Also, be careful before restarting the server – it is not recommended to operate equipment when server is close to restarting.
    Comment by fender:
    This is called the effect of “burning things”. When the connection is not good or you have too much stuff in your backpack – the game does not have time to arrange the items in your pack and when you use scroll (eg teleport), on it’s (scroll’s) “place” other item could appear and the game will considers this item as a scroll. It’s ancient and one of the most disgusting bugs.
    It is treated in two main ways – keep the pack open when you pickup the bag and wait for the picture to load (the book must be closed), OR scrolls should be at the very end of the backpack, while backpack scrolled to the beginning.
    Another option: place scrolls or bottles between items of another class that your character cannot wear; this will protect your actual equipment from “burning”. Examples:
    1) if you are a warrior, put scrolls/bottles between mage robes or staves
    2) if you are a mage, place bottles between warrior weapons or armor
  • Missing items after a server restart: “After death I’ve lifted my bag from background and right after that there was a change of the map. After switching to another map, the contents of the bag was not there…
    Please try not to pick up bags before map change. It is better not to even drink potions at this point; do not transact with items at all.
    WARNING: If the admin writes that the server will restart for technical reasons and asks “Ready?” – and you just died and recovered your items from the dropped bag – write to him to wait, go to town hall or do camping – so that your character is saved in the database. Otherwise there is a risk of losing stuff.
    Also it’s not recommended to join servers right after server restart – better to wait some time in case if your character still stayed on server and wasn’t saved to DB yet. Always wait some time after restart (2 minutes) if you don’t want to loose items or progress
  • Is server down? No, it’s 24/7. But there is a scheduled daily server reboot at 4.00 am (UTC+3, Moscow time), which goes for ~5 minutes.
  • The quest is buggy. “I took the task to “bring to the inn”. The NPC comes under control, drags himself to the inn, stops two cells from it, disappears from control, but there is no “task completed” notification, the task is marked uncompleted in the list.”
    Here it is enough to go Options > End Game > Exit To Main Menu and relog – then escort quest should be finished.