• Characters start the game with 0 experience… If it is too difficult for you on the first map, try to buy some healing scrolls in the shop; they are cheap, only 50 coins, but will significantly increase your survivability…
  • You almost do not lose experience on the first map, but at advanced difficulties you will loose more;
  • Bags with free loot no longer spawn on maps. But on the other hand, you can now “craft” leather armor by killing a squirrel or a wolf!
  • Leather armor has increased protection at server #1/2, although this is not written in the description of a particular item (check your character sheet);
  • The chance of losing things on death on the first map is extremely small; at other difficulties it 10% of backpack. You won’t loose stuff which you wear, only items in backpack;
  • Remember that you can increase character stats with special potions. Drinking table can be found in the “Guide” section;
  • Each difficulty level on the server is balanced separately – the effect of each spell, the parameters of the mob, etc – on different difficulties can differ significantly;
  • Sometimes monsters drop potions that say they make you armored. Do not believe these inscriptions. It was a defective batch of potions from an aspiring alchemist and they only increase regeneration rate of you health (very useful too though);
  • There was a rumor  that the best magic shop on medium difficulty is on Judas;
  • The speed of the game on the first three servers difficulties is higher than on the subsequent ones;
  • The healing spell affects other characters only if you stay right near them (close range);
  • The duration of the spell “Magic Shield” is reduced on high tier servers;
  • Powerful combat magic is available on difficulties starting from “Hard”. Before that, players cannot use magic such as invisibility, teleport, blizzard, and so on.
  • The top quest in tavern (for which the maximum amount of experience is given at a given difficulty level) does not necessarily give the best reward; sometimes you will get best items not for the most hardest quests;
  • I highly discourage buying potions for increasing character parameters that are not available at the current difficulty levels in advance – they will be removed when a new difficulty is launched;
  • If there are 8+ mobs of a the same type on the map, then now you can take a quest for 5-25 pcs. For those who like to hunt a lot of squirrels;
  • necromancers, dragons, ogres, trolls, demons and succubus became immune to the astral; this means they are not affected by the magic of vampirism from weapons;
  • ogres, trolls and demons are immune to shooting;
  • dragons can be scratched with a lance… to do this, change weapons during the attack;
  • at high levels of difficulty, antidote-treatment potions can not be found in monsters, but at the same time they still work there…
  • Max. bonus from equipment to the astral: +2;
  • The Blizzard spell now belongs to the elements of the earth;
  • Server #8 quest T1: fireball spell got bonus to damage;
  • On server # 7 experience bonus +50%;
  • On server # 8 dragon.4 got more magic potency;
  • On the maps, you can sometimes find references to the singleplayer campaign of Rage of Mages 1-2. For example, maybe you recognize this place from “Rage of Mage II” – then and now

Or this passage from “Rage of Mages I”:

And the last tip: since on our hat players got items mainly from taverns’ quests, players have to “roll” these quests quite a lot (in attempt to get ‘good’ quest). To simplify this process and reduce clicking you could use quest rolling script by Мафусаил: Quest roll