Turtle Beach

June 12, 2023
  • Fixed an issue with stats
  • Now the ability to enter this or that difficulty is determined by the parameter Dexterity
  • Added a rare store in Turtle Beach with expensive books.
  • Two-handed sword now gives a bonus to defense.
  • Fountains have been removed from maps (vulnerability)
  • Increased SC (stone curse) on players’ weapons and weakened on monsters
  • and many other hidden upgrades that players will have to discover for themselves 🙂

Server #2:

  • A special store has been added: iron weapons are sold there. You can find it on the map Road to Plagat. Prices in this store tricky. For example, the price of the Iron Sword is listed as 600 gold, but in fact it’s 60,000.
  • In the bosses on the added potions from the server 3
  • Skeletons on low level maps are more resistant to fire
  • Fixed paired groups, such as the ghost2-snake group
  • decreased max damage of goblin spearman
  • added magic books up to 750k

Book prices on all servers:

  • Fire Arrow: 150k -> 25k
  • Stone Arrow: 750k -> 150k
  • Lightning: 25k -> 750k

Hint of the day: if you’re stuck with 0 life, press u to apply yourself a damage

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