“Naked King” Tournament

Beginning: 31 October 2020 21:00 (+3 UTC)
End: 7 November (tournament lasts for a week; so everyone will have time to fight)

Videos from tournament:


Results are in the bottom of this page so it won’t spoil you vids 😉

How to participate:
First register in tournament in our discord on special #tournament channel: write there message with the name of your character (which you will play tournament). Attention! Each player has the right to register only one character (for violation of this rule – a ban). When tournament will start:

  1. Create new character with the name which you enlisted in discord.
  2. Character stats (body, mind, etc) should all be 34; skill – “Sword”.
  3. Before you will enter the arena – remove from your backpack all items (including sword in your hand!) – burder of your character should become 0. Character’s experience should be 7320.
  4. When you will be summoned (in discord) – enter the Arena.
  5. Give character “Админ” or “Admin” vision (in diplomacy window, “F3” hotkey)
  6. Admin will kill a squirell for you. Take ONE bag. Wear sword and customize your hotkeys…
  7. Teleport to the ring.
  8. When Admin will cast ‘stone wall’ between you and your opponent – you could cast buff spells. When ‘stone wall’ is gone – the fight starts.
  9. If during the battle you will teleport out of ring – you will loose.
  10. After you lose or win the battle – immediately re-enter the game through the menu (camping is not needed): “Esc” → “Exit to the main menu”. This is necessary to “remove” the items inside your character and you could have another fight.
  11. Fight goes for 2 victories. Winner and looser should exit the game.

Behavior rules:

Don’t be rude, offencive etc. Please follow our rules.


First place:

  • Unique Crown with top parameters and bonus
  • 4 points in ladder*

Second place:

  • Potion of Mage (protectuion from magic +10 during whole map)
  • Potion of Antidot (+50 absorption for 30 seconds)
  • Potion of Fighter (restores 500 HP)
  • 3 points in ladder

Third place:

  • Tournament set “Squirrel” (in gold)
  • Potion of Fighter (restores 500 HP)
  • 2 points in ladder

All participants:

  • A valuable unique prize (not obtained in the usual way): a powerful magical leather cap.
  • 1 point in ladder

*Points in ladder – rating for the end of season.


1 place: Батрак (badmanplace)
2 place: Боромир (Nikolai)
3 place: Зератул (ЗЛО Приближается)

Participated: Русич, Kоbik, Вихрь, Ошипка, Максимка, GavrilOFF, Rival, Nikoo, qwasd, ЗЛО Приближается, naked king, w01f.

Tournament table: