Season #7: Reborn, Reclass, Ascension

July 2, 2024

The new season has begun! As always, the goal of the new season is to give players new sensations and variety in the game, which we have been playing for over 25 years. This season introduces three key mechanics: reborn, reclass, and ascension.

  1. Reborn
    When moving to a new server (e.g., from 2 to 3), the character loses their inventory, part of their experience, and all their money. This is called reborn. In the lore, this is a teleportation to another Allod. What remains is the clothing worn by the character, the weapon in hand, your stats, and some skills. If you play as a Mage, note that equipped items also disappear. There are a total of 5 reborns, occurring when moving to servers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
  2. Reclass
    Initially, you can only create a Warrior or Mage (both in zombie form). To become an Amazon or Witch (and regain human form), you need to perform a reclass. To do this, you need to max out your experience (177m), enter reclass in the “clan” field, enter and exit the map – this will completely reset the character and allow them to be reborn as an Amazon or Witch. You will be moved to #2 server. After reclass, the game becomes more difficult: reborns will be more merciless, fully resetting experience. Additionally, Amazons and Witches are weaker at difficulties #2-5 (all stats are lower), but at difficulties 7+ they gain an additional +1 strength (i.e., not 55, but 56). Reclass can be done at any time, even on the 2nd server, if you accumulate 177 million experience.
  3. Ascension:
    After reclass, if you manage to fully upgrade your character in terms of stats and experience, you can perform an ascension (enter ascend in the “clan” field) and become the King of Allod. The character’s class changes back to male, and experience and stats are reset again (to 50; so you will stay on servers #7+); it preserves inventory (so don’t forget to unequip all items to backpack before ascending); while equipped items replaces with the reward – as a king, you will automatically receive a unique crown (+3 strength, +2 vision for Warriors) or a unique staff (+3 strength for Mages).

    For more details on this system, you can read in the new guide (thanks to ikacnep for helping with it).

Other changes

Additionally, bugs have been fixed, the website UI has been improved, the ladder calculation formula on the site has been changed, and additional ladder visuals have been added (for example, HC characters are highlighted in green).

Bon voyage! In my opinion, starting almost from scratch on each new server is quite challenging and unusual. Most players will get enough enjoyment from the regular reborns; reclass and ascension are endgame content.

Have a great season!

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