• I can’t select a server, enter a username / password; field “Enter URL” is empty (see screenshot to the right)
    Right Mouse Click on allods2.exe -> "Run as administrator" – this will add our server data to Window’s registry.
  • How to change language to Russian/English?
    edit allods2.cfg and change z_language (from Russian to English)
  • How do you play in two windows?
    You can’t, it’s forbidden by the rules of the game.
  • How do I play in windowed mode?
    See the detailed instructions in the “Technical Questions” section (bottom right menu)
  • I do not get any quests. I am on #3 and got no quests in the tavern.
    Seems you have too high skill. If number of experience for certain skill is too big, you can not get quest for ‘weak’ monsters. Remember that you main skill gives you 3x more exp than other, so you may want not to focus at one skill too much if you decide to play at certain server tier for long time. There are could be two ways of solving it – go on higher tier maps or null character by dying (you will loose exp for that). Also you can become “Hat friend” and reset experience to the level of your choice.
  • PK (Player Killer) killed me. What to do?
    1. Most likely you have lost some things (upon death there is a 10% drop chance calculated for each item) and some experience (if a player kills you, you lose 1% of experience; if a monster – much more). In order not to lose anything else (most likely PK will guard you on the respawn point to kill you one more time) – just exit the game (without pressing the spacebar!)  bu using Alt + F4 and wait 4 minutes for your character to leave the map. After that, you can re-enter the game (better on other map) without fear of an ambush.
    2. Let the community know (for example, in the discord chat) and call other players for help. Get used to raising the alarm if you see a PK. Example of a message: “Player <name> just killed me on <server>, <map>, help!”.
    3. It’s a good tactics to play with a mage to defeat PKs, especially together with a friend. Even 2 mages could be dangerous for a lonely powerful PK.
    4. If there are no players around who could help you to kill PK – just play with another character for now (there are 4 different classes and they all will be useful at endgame) and wait for help.
  • Someone stays in the tavern, so I can’t “roll” quests. What to do?
    In the old fashioned way – take and cancel all quests in turn; then they will be updated.
  • I’ve lost items after server restart. YOu should be careful to operate items before server restart. Try not to pick up the bags or use consumable items before map will be restarted. It is better not even to drink cans at this moment; do not perform operations with objects at all for 1 minute before restart.
  • How to remove “magic shield” spell autocast?
    Not possible yet. Try not to stand still, and give orders to the character all the time (micro-controlling, like in MOBA); then character will not cast.
  • Exiting game: ESC -> ->End Quest -> “Make camp”, it takes 30 seconds. Or use Town Hall building to exit immideately. Beware of exiting the game while in shop/tavern (if you press Alt+F4)  – upon your exit your character will leave the building and will idle without your control for 4 minutes.. with a high probability he will be killed.
  • Potions, replenishing health do work on our server, but these are way much less effective. Small potion restore 1 HP on normal maps, and 3 HP on quest maps.
  • Absorption is directly decreasing damage; defense decreases chances of being hit (check the difference between defense and “attack”).
  • How to set up automatic spell casting
    Select a spell and press CTRL+A
  • How to punch if you’re a mage
    You need to put away a staff (if holding one) into your inventory, set any spell on automatic spell casting; come close to a target and face it.
  • To be able to upgrade items from tavern quests – your character must have all skill ~90+
  • Magic protection spells can be self-applied by a spell icon double-clicking in the book of spells.
  • Walking into any spot, even overlapped by a building can be done using “M“ hotkey.
  • Guard” (“G“) command – your character immediately stops, but will attack enemies, if within their sight range.
  • Defend” (“D“) command –  you’ll be attacking those, who attack your defended target.
  • Cast a spell(“C“) – casting a spell currently selected in the spell book.
  • To automatically attack all the monsters you encounter on your way, move your character using “S” key (“walk in fighting trim“).
  • Hold position” (“T“) – your character stands still and will attack enemies only within his current weapon’s range.
  • Retreat” (“R“) command, your character will try to run away from the enemies.
  • L” button increases health points regeneration rate (automatic attack becomes disabled); if you drink a regeneration potion now, then you’ll heal yourself really fast!
  • “A warrior is easier to play than a mage” or vice versa… We have 4 classes on server and each has its own advantages. The magician requires active play and micro-controlling; the warrior played more relaxed (although it happens the other way around, depending on who, where and at what level of difficulty the battle is going on). Please note that all four character classes (warrior, amazon, witch, magician) perform different roles in the endgame, so do not rush to judge their coolness at the beginning of the game;

Questions for Hat Friends

After renaming a character, I can’t enter the game
Remove files with the extension .a2c from the folder with the game. They may look like this, for example: 174972210180.a2c

Please don’t hesitate to write questions at our Discord to get help.