You start with parameters (body, reaction, spirit, mind) 1-1-1-1 at server #1 – kill the wolf and enter to town hall (to the right). After that, go straight to server #2. Keep in mind that the potions that restore health and mana on the server work as potions that increase stats (body, reaction, spirit, mind). On server #2 (and above) you can increase your character’s stats with these potions.

There are bosses on every server, starting with #2. They may also possess potions that increase parameters.

Server Max.stats Potion Price Max reward in tavern
#1 new 1 kill wolf and exit to town-hall this map needed to create character properly you can’t enter this map with experienced character
#2 a2 15
Body & Spirit






#3 kids 20 all stats 10.000 8.400
#4 nival 30 all stats 100.000 44.800
#5 medium 40 all stats 1.000.000 420.000
#6 hard 50 each own stat Potions for taverns’ quests, where the reward is > 1.000.000 1.000.000
#7 horror 55 76 76 76
Here you can only drink the Body with potions from the shop
Potions for
100kk from the shop increase Body. Increase other parameters up to 76 can be on servers #8, #9, #10.
#8 t1 55 76 76 76 Spirit Boss loot
#9 t2 55 76 76 76 Mind Boss loot 12.000.000
#10 t3
 armor defense reduced
55 76 76 76 Reaction Boss loot 18.000.000

Additional potions’ properties

Starting from server #7 (starting from server #2 restoring only 1 mana) Heals 1 HP, 1 mana (at #8+: 3 HP, 1 mana) 150 Hint: To drink many potions at once, press and hold down the button with the bind (eg F8)
Starting from server #5 Restores 3 mana 1.000 Hint: If you are low on mana – try to get ring/amulet with “Mana regeneration” property
Starting from server #5 Increase HP  regeneration for 100% for 1 minute 10.000 Hint: Use the “L” button to make the character rest and regenerate faster
Starting from server #5 Increase mana regeneration for 100% for 1 minute 100.000 Hint: Most powerful mages can have almost endless mana due high Spirit stat, so they don’t need rely on potions


  1. Do not try to boost stats on lower or higher level cards. For each difficulty level, stats can only be increased with potions from that difficulty level! I.e. small potions for 10k will only increase your +1 stats on server #3! On server #4, these little potions for 10k will not work; you will have to get drunk there with other potions (for 100k).
  2. On servers #3-5 one potion increases all four parameters at once.
  3. On the server #6 “complex” potions get for the task in the taverns. To get them, you must complete a quest for which you get at least 1.000.000 experience. Your character must have over 18,000,000 experience (or even more).
  4. On server #7 you can upgrade your Body by buying potions for 100kk from the store.
  5. #3: The potion for 100,000 adds Body, Mind, Spirit
    #4: The potion for 1,000,000 adds Body, Mind, Spirit
    #5: The potion for 100,000,000 adds Body, Mind, Spirit
    With such potions (even though they are much more expensive than usual for this difficulty), you will be able to “balance” the character’s parameters up to, for example, 20 19 20 20 (instead of 19 19 19 19), if you plan to stay on a certain difficulty for a longer time.