Spells belong to one of the 5 elements: Fire – Water – Air – Earth – Astral.

Spells of the Fire

Spells in the Fire Sphere include all spells that cause heat damage:

Fire Arrow is a blob of fire shaped like an arrow. Initial, cheap and effective spell that strikes a single enemy. Hits exactly on target.

Fireball explodes upon hitting its target. The explosion does damage not only to the target, but also to nearby objects. Helps against multiple monsters, hitting up to four targets at a time. Effective against bees, centipedes, and spirits. Orcs require up to four hits to destroy. Disperses poisonous mist 😉

Firewall – a wall of fire instantly arises along a line running through the point the spell is directed at, perpendicular to the direction from the mage to that point, and remains stationary. Characters can only pass through it by taking fire damage. After a while, depending on the mage’s skill in the sphere of fire, the wall of fire extinguishes. Powerful spell that creates a 5×2 square fire barrier. Justifies its cost, especially effective against trolls that don’t have time to crawl up to the mage. Can be cast multiple times on the same area, the damage is summed.

Protection from fire magic is a protective spell that reduces damage from fire magic. The level of protection depends on the skill level of fire magic. If this spell is used by a wizard, the protection lasts for a certain period of time, after which it disappears. If the character has an item with the “protection from fire magic” property, then this protection remains in effect as long as the item is in the character’s hands or is worn on him (the same applies to protection spells against other elements as well).

Spells of the Water

Water magic specializes mainly in chemical damage.

The ice arrow is the water version of the fire arrow. A sharpened piece of ice flying at high speed. Hits its target precisely. A favorite spell of the druids, affecting one target per shot.

Poison Mist – creates a vast cloud of poison, mercilessly attacking those inside. Magical mist, an area of poisonous vapors. When a character enters the Poison Mist, he is poisoned. When a character leaves the area of the spell, he remains poisoned for some time and continues to lose his life. The duration of Poison Mist’s existence is usually longer than the duration of the effect. Therefore, if the effect time has expired and the character is caught in the Poison Mist again or has not come out of it, he will be poisoned again, and so on until the spell time runs out. This spell is especially unpleasant for ogres.

Protection from water magic is a protective spell that reduces damage from water magic. The level of protection depends on the skill level of water magic.

Spells of the Air

Air Magic generates visual effects such as Invisibility, and discharges: Lightning and Rainbow Lightning.

Lightning is an electrical discharge flying from the mage to the target. Effective spell; works especially well against goblins and turtles.

Rainbow Lightning – several multi-colored lightning bolts; a rainbow fan coming off the mage’s hands. Depending on how many beams it has, as many targets get hit simultaneously. In general, an improved version of ordinary lightning, striking simultaneously with several discharges. The only disadvantage is high mana consumption, but it’s not a problem for staffs.

Invisibility – makes you invisible. This spell is only cast on living characters. One spell makes one character invisible. The invisibility effect disappears with any action of the character, except moving and picking up items. However, keep in mind that some creatures in the game at close range ways to discern the “invisible” character. Remember that any spell, except healing, removes invisibility.

Protection from air magic is a protective spell that reduces damage from air magic. The level of protection depends on the degree of air magic skill.

Spells of the Earth

Earth magic uses its inherent power.

Stone Arrow is a simple spell that creates a heavy magical stone that flies towards the enemy, depriving them of health. It hits the exact target.

Stone wall. A stone wall emerges along a line running through the point the spell is directed at, perpendicular to the direction from the mage to that point, and remains stationary. It can block the passage, create an obstacle or a shelter. After a while, depending on the mage’s skill in the Earth Sphere, the Stonewall Wall automatically disappears. Tactical spell that creates a barrier for enemies. This is especially useful on bridges or in narrow passages, where it restricts enemy movement.

Stone Curse is a powerful spell that temporarily turns an enemy into a stone statue. The victim of the Stone Curse spell is temporarily turned into stone, with a significant decrease in Defense and an increase in Armor. However, the spell may not work if the target has high resistance to earth magic.

Hail – this spell causes large hail to fall, causing damage to anyone hit by the hail. This spell affects a large area. Within that area hailstones fall randomly. Crowning spell against huge creatures like dragons. Also effective against bats.

Protection from earth magic is an essential spell when preparing for a battle with a dragon that can turn you into a stone statue. It will significantly reduce your petrifying time.

Spells of the Astral

Astral magic is the most complicated and poorly studied. Characteristically, it has no special Protection spell (though some magic items can give protection from Astral magic).

Healing – restores the life reserve lost by a character. Even a lying unconscious character can be healed. The main spell necessary for a successful mage career. It restores a character’s health, and the amount of health points restored depends on the mage’s skill in Astral. This spell is always available for autocasting.

Blessing is a spell that increases the chance to deal maximum physical damage to enemies. The Blessing spell is important for warriors and works when attacking with a weapon. It increases the probability that the attacking character will deal maximum damage to the enemy. The probability of dealing max damage to an opponent with a Blessing spell does not change. At the beginning of the game its effect is not very significant, but near the end, when the chance reaches 100%, it becomes very important.

Haste is a spell that increases the speed of a character’s movement. Specific value and time; the effect depends on the mage’s skill in the realm of Astral. A frequently used spell also from scrolls. It is especially useful for summoned spirits with initially low speed.

Rebirth – creates undead from the bodies of the dead, obedient to the one who cast the spell. From a fresh corpse you create a zombie, from a half-decayed corpse – a skeleton, from lying bones – a spirit. The undead’s life reserve depends on the life reserve of the creature from whose remains the undead are created. Useful spell that allows you to turn enemy corpses into spirits, skeletons and zombies. The amount of health of such a creature can vary greatly; so troll spirits can have thousands of health points. And considering that they can fly over water and mountains makes them indispensable assistants and scouts on especially dangerous missions.

Teleport – a spell that allows the mage to instantly move to any point on the map within a certain radius. The end point of the teleport must be in a visible part of the terrain. The maximum range of teleportation depends on the mage’s abilities. This is especially useful when the mage needs to get away from enemies quickly. It also allows the mage to get to hard-to-reach islands and shelter from danger.

Summon is a spell that allows the mage to summon animals from the astral and control them. Summoned creatures can help to fight enemies, and after some time they disappear (except the first summoned animal – it remains until it dies). Type of monster, its strength and time of existence depend on the mage’s skill in the Astral realm.

Vampirism is a powerful spell that allows the mage to take life force from the enemy and add it to his health. This can be a very effective way to pump up the astral skill.

Magical Shield – creates a protective field around the mage, increasing his armor and facilitating his survival in combat. It works only on the mage using this spell. The time the shield lasts, as well as the amount added to Armor, depends on the mage’s skill in the Sphere of Astral. This spell is especially useful in the early stages of the game, when the mage is still weak and vulnerable. But even in the later stages of the game, keeping this shield active is still useful.

Spells from scrolls

Scrolls are another way to use magic. Unlike staffs, scrolls can be used by both mages and warriors, and they contain all kinds of spells. However, scrolls disappear after a single use and their parameters do not change. There are also elven scrolls, which have the best parameters. Some spells are only found as scrolls:

Acid wave is effective against dragons and ogres. Turtles retain the ability to spit acid.

Darkness is the opposite of glow. Widens the view of monsters and other non-humans, but narrows it for your character. Particularly fond of this spell are bats, necromancers with skeleton mages, and dragons.

Light – Visibility for humans and other humanoids improves, while reducing visibility for nonhumans.

Curse increases chances to deal minimal damage. A hero who inadvertently falls under the corrupting influence constantly smudges, and is chronically unlucky. Good thing is that it can be removed by quickly casting a Blessing, though Curse will pass on its own after a while.

Slow – As the name implies, it slows down gaping enemies. A favorite spell of 4th level goblins. It is taken away with acceleration.

Spells in staves and potions

A staff is a mage’s unique weapon that contains its own spell inside. Using a staff can improve a mage’s magical skills, but the power of the spell contained in the staff does not change as those skills increase. In most cases, staffs cannot contain spells that affect terrain. Spells available in staffs:

  • Fire Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Lightning
  • Rainbow Lightning
  • Stone Arrow
  • Stone Curse
  • Vampirism

There are various magical potions that can be used to heal, restore mana, or other effects. They vary in color: potions with pink fluid restore health, and those with blue fluid restore mana. They also increase characteristics (see the corresponding table).