Quest maps

Requirements to start cleaning: you need a warrior + mage, necessarily with boosted stats.


  • armor with plus HP (50 ideal) or a power+spirit+2 set
  • helmet with vision 2
  • greaves with speed 3
  • weapon (preferably a spear) with stone curse and elemental damage
  • Weapon skill of the warrior’s choice should be 90+ (minimum)
  • crossbow (no stone curse) with max elemental damage (ideal is astral)


  • full on xp and spirit (strength xp+maximum)
  • water elemental full and fire elemental (costume jewelry gives 15 max, clothing 18, the closer to those numbers the better)
  • By books minimum have hail/firewall (and all previous spells).


  • Mage and Warrior buy thousands of first aid kits and regen cans 100%
  • Mage also takes potions that restore and regenerate mana
  • Mage may still need Curse (Elvish curse scrolls) – if the warrior will not have time to throw Curse on the mobs – the magician helps
  • Warrior must have 300 + teleport scrolls (not elven, simple)
  • protection scrolls against the elements, all elements (50 of water/fire/air – 150 total, and 150 or so of earth)
  • haste spell scrolls and mage shield, 100 each
  • bless and curse at 250+ = all these elven scrolls
  • stone wall 100+
  • summons 50+
  • invisibility 100+ = simple non elf
  • You can have another 100 pieces of fireballs, elven – to pull mobs.

Number of scrolls is minimal, and given the account of the fact that the magician can not castigate in the absence of all the elements (full houses), or if the PC comes and will run the map (then usually included every man for himself, and the players try to save their things, we must rely only on themselves).

Note: this is still a maximum program; you can participate in the cleanup and a more minimal set-up, if you go in a group. Join other players – not for the loot, but to learn how to purge and watch them do it. Any player can be useful on the quest ?