• Our RoM2 server is a free open-source non-profit project;
  • Server’s hosting costs ~ 300$/year;
  • There is no and never will be a pay-2-win on our server – selling in-game items/potions /gold or providing any other material benefits for real money; only decorative rewards that do not affect the game.
  • If you could afford to support the hat, you can make a donation. A donation will not change your character in any way. Anyone who donates will not be given any special privileges or get you out of punishments for cheating or any other wrongdoing.

If you like what we do and have the opportunity – please support the hat. We really need your help. I hope that through your contributions I can continue hat’s development for years to come!



Also you can support server via Boosty (it’s like Patreon, but better!). Boosty accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard:

Support via Boosty gives bonuses in Discord and access to additional guides and information!