As part of the new “Friends of Hat” program, I am delighted to introduce a range of additional bonuses for everyone who supports server through donations on the Boosty (it’s like Patreon, but better!). Boosty accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard:

As Boosty does not have external API, we use Discord roles to define which level of subscription you have, so you need to do the following:

  1. Register on Boosty
  2. In order for you to be assigned a discord role when you subscribe – you need to give Boosty access to your discord account (this is safe). To get discord role after subscribing, go to page for linking your Discord account to Boosty and link it.
  3. Now subscribe to one of our server support levels on Boosty
  4. Login to your game account page on our website:
  5. There you should press Click here (see screenshot below), to bind your Discord to our site (this is also safe, the site only gets access to your nickname and server list):
  6. Yay, you’ll now be able to use “Server Friends” bonuses!

With each level of support, you get the following privileges:

  • Possibility to change your character’s main skill once per week (resets on Friday) on #2 server. Each further roles add one more charge to this ability (eg `Lord` can do it twice per week, `Magister` – 3 times etc). You can use this feature in your cabinet
  • The ability to assign to a character a starting main skill of 20 and a secondary skill of 10. This is particularly useful for players in Hardcore mode, where death means grinding your new character in AFK mode for a few hours on squirrels to get the basic skill. Now, all you need to do is level up any of your characters to a main skill of 20 and a secondary skill of 10 and do not have more then 1 death; if you have such character on account – you can use it as “template” for other character.
    —– Note that you can gain skills up to 20/10 only if you have “template” character on this (or higher) server difficulty. For example if you have 0-death or 1-death character on server #3 – you can make skills 20/10 for characters only at server #2 and 3; but if you will get 0-death or 1-death character on server #4 – you will be able to make skill 20/10 for characters on servers #2, 3 and 4… and so on.
  • The ability to reset experience to the level of your choice. This can come in handy when you over-leveled your characters.
  • The ability to change your character’s avatar to any of the available ones in this list:
    Please note that all current avatars have been reset to standard.
  • The ability to rename your characters.
  • The ability to include numbers from 0 to 9 in your nickname when renaming.
  • And other stuff! 🙂

Additional information

  • Our RoM2 server is a free open-source non-profit project;
  • Server’s hosting costs ~ 300$/year;
  • There is no and never will be a pay-2-win on our server – selling in-game items/potions /gold.
  • If you could afford to support the hat, you can make a donation. A donation will not change your character in any way. Anyone who donates will not be given any special privileges or get you out of punishments for cheating or any other wrongdoing.

If you like what we do and have the opportunity – please support the hat. We really need your help. I hope that through your contributions I can continue hat’s development for years to come!

You can also support directly: