Season 6 start

June 10, 2023

Season started! Welcome to the new age of Rages of Mages 2! Note that your character starts with parameters 1 1 1 1 without items and money.

  1. The first money can be obtained by luring monsters to the store, where there is a guard. You may have come across the concept of “Last Hit” in MOBA games. Try to finish off the enemy before the guard does – and then you get a “reward for the head” monster.
  2. The shopkeeper is able to shoot enemies from his windows (at short range) – use this against especially strong enemies.
  3. If you are warrior – you can buy 1st weapon in the shop.
  4. The mage starts with 2 mana. This is enough for 1 cast of magic arrow (or 2 casts of lightning, it’s cheaper). Since magic always hits, it’s especially easy for mages to do Last Hit. To increase the mana – buy a potion for 150 gold (they increase the strength and spirit)
  5. Be sure to check out the brackets table. Be careful not to “overpower” parameters, otherwise you will have to play on a higher map, when you may not be quite ready for that Good luck!

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