How to start playing

0) carefully read the rules;
1) register by filling out the form;
2) install RoM2 client (download);
Attention! The entire singleplayer campaign was cut from our client. If you want to go through the plot of the game – buy the game from GOG.
3) if needed – change language: edit allods2.cfg and change z_language (from Russian to English)
4) launch the game;
5) choose “Server” (globe) -> Hardcore (PvP)
6) enter login – it is your gmail address in which all points, pluses, dashes are removed, for example:
for – the login will be: samrom2
for – the login will be: samrom2
for – the login will be: samrom2
7) the password is “ID”, which you entered in the registration form

Please note:
a) there is no confirmation upon account registration; you won’t receive any email confirmation after registration; to check was your account registered or not – try to login to the game.
b) letter case which you entered in your email/ID matters! So if you’ve entered your email or password with capital letters, eg – your login will be ‘SamRom2’, not ‘samrom2’.
c) account registration take up to 48 hours, please be patient. If you waited 24 hours and still can’t login, please write about it at our Discord to get help.

Before starting the game, we highly recommend that you look at the FAQ section, where there is a table with stat increasing potions. Without this information, it will be extremely difficult for you to understand the stat progress system in order to avoid mistakes with increasing the character’s parameters with potions.

Problem: does not allow you to select a server, enter a username / password

Solution: Run allods2.exe as Administrator

In case if you can not connect to the server and got this message “Can’t connect to Hat. IP Address or URL may be invalid“:
The problem is related to the fact that RoM2 writes data to the Windows registry, so if you played on a different server before or had other RoM2 client installed, the game connects to the wrong place. To fix:
1) uninstall all other RoM2 clients
2) clean the registry from RoM2
3) install our client

For those who want to increase the fps of the game, put ddwrapper in the folder with RoM2. Note that in this case the map editor will stop working for you; so if you want to use ddwrapper – duplicate the RoM2 folder with the editor.

If you have a problem with Windows 10, try the following:

1. if the game displays purple, then after installing the patch:
– download DXwnd and unzip the folder from the archive anywhere
– open Dxwnd.exe; click RMB on an empty space and select ‘Add’
– select the Rage of Mages 2 executable file (rom2.exe)
– the game icon appears – can be launched by dxwnd
2. If this does not help to start the game:
Download and unzip to the folder with RoM2 ddraw
3) if it does not help, play only through the virtual machine. Download VirtualBox or any other emulator and install Windows 7 on it 🙂 RoM2 is not gluttonous game, it flies on the virtual machine really fast.