Alt+s – make screenshot (will be saved in “screenshots” folder)
Esc – menu
F1 – help menu
F2 – save game
F3 – load game (single player) / diplomacy (multiplayer)
~~ or I – open/close inventory
Q or B – open/close spellbook
W – open/close quest log (multiplayer
Spacebar – open/close inventory &
spellbook, return to game after death
Tab – stats/picture mode in info panel
Ctrl+O – Smoothing on/off
Ctrl+H – show health on/off
Ctrl+L – flying damage on/off
Ctrl+W – change retreat mode
Ctrl+F – change formation mode
Ctrl+N – day/night changes on/off
Ctrl+U – change autocasting mode
Ctrl+K – show player names and clans
on/off (multiplayer)
Ctrl+T – network statistic on/off (multiplayer)
Ctrl+C – switch color pattern of messages (multiplayer)
Keypad +, Keypad- – change game
M – move
A – attack
G – guard
D – defend
C – cast
S – swarm (move & attack)
T – stand ground
R – retreat
P – pickup all sacks (for heroes only)
L – stand still (do not attack anybody)
E – select all of your mercenaries
Alt – force move
Ctrl – force attack/swarm
Shift – force add/remove unit to selection
Ctrl+<1..9> – save group selection
Ctrl+Shift+<1..9> – save group selection (multigroup mode)
<1..9> – restore group selection
Alt+<1..9> – restore group selection
with screen centering
Shift+<1..9> – add group to selection
Ctrl+<F4..F12> – set spell shortcut
Shift+<F4..F12> – set inventory item
<F4..F12> – use spell/item shortcut
Ctrl+A – select/deselect spell for autocasting
Alt+F4 – quit game

Chat commands

During multiplayer, you can chat with other players by typing messages from the keyboard. The color of the message is determined by the player’s color, but it’s possible to choose an alternative color system – if you press Ctrl+C on the keyboard, the colors of the messages (as you see them) will depend on the type of message. Additional chat commands:

BACKSPACE – erase all messages from the screen
ENTER – send a message (in multiplayer mode)
BACKSPACE – delete the character on the left
Ctrl+BACKSPACE – delete word from left side
TAB – substitute the name of a player by several letters to the left of the cursor
<Up arrow> – recall previous message
[message] – message for all nearby
=[message]–message to all players
-message to everyone who is in alliance with you
<player name>[message] – a message to a specific player