Rage of Mages lore

Rage of Mages II unfolds across a mysterious realm called “The World of Allods.” Once fertile and flourishing, the realm is now splintered into hundreds of variously sized islands. Each island is an individual Allod that is separated from the other islands by a mysterious astral substance ever ready to devour and disintegrate any object which ventures near.

The origins of this fracturing are dim and uncertain. It is generally assumed that the world was splintered as a result of a massive crash by an out of control comet. When the comet hit, only the mightiest of Mages (later named The Great Mages) managed to keep a portion of undamaged land around their towers from being dissolved by the comet.

Others don’t quite believe this story, and in hidden corners, dark and still, some people whisper rumors that the pride and negligence of these powerful Mages caused the great fracture.

Seven hundred years have passed since the world of Allods emerged from the great catastrophe, and the remaining populace has managed to adapt to its unnatural restrictions. The most prosperous countries have resumed power, and new, ambitious
rulers have appeared. As for the Mages, they smugly continue their daring investigations and illicit experiments.

One such experiment unfolded in the previous game, Rage of Mages. In that story, a bold group of adventurers traveled through the Allod of Uimoir and defeated the Demon from the Outside who strove to subdue everything and everyone to his vile whims. Thanks to our heroes, the Allod of Uimoir now rests in peaceful harmony. If only the remaining Allods were so blessed! Can there be a hero powerful enough to stare into the face of darkness and emerge triumphant?